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Living room in progress

Theres nothing quite like having an 8 pound cat sit on your chest for hours as you surf the net while home sick.  I best make use of this time (stuck under Jade) and post an update at to the state of the living room.  So, here we go!!

The wallpaper in the living room is one of the least crazy of the whole house being that it’s just a cream textured wall covering that kinda resembles wood grain, but it was old and yellowed and peeling off in some spots, so while it wasn’t about to drive my batty like the paper in The Yellow Wallpaper.  

This is my attempt at capturing the design of the wallpaper. ^_^;;

Pulling the paper off was the easy part then I had to remove the backing (the part that glues to the wall).  For that I had to soak the backing with warm water, wait for it to soak up and then use a scrapper to remove it.  At this point I was working around the furniture in the living room, pulling the room apart while I worked then putting it back together again after I had cleaned up all the bits. 

But I knew that I didn’t want to leave all the furniture in there to get covered with dust from the eventual sanding that was to come from fixing the walls and then sanding the trim (since the previous home owners shellacked the hell out them) so that would require me to essentially move out of the living room until it was finished!  Anywhere from a few weeks to a month since work only really happens on the weekends.  In a perfect world I would have a bunch of willing friends that would get the job done in two weekends and life would resume without any bother, but…my world is not so perfect and so, here I am.

Where, you might ask, am I?  My new temporary living room has become the sunroom/future library.  But first a couple of before shots:

This little table I’m using as a coffee table is in fact the previous home owner’s TV stand, hence the cut out for wires through the middle of it.  The wicker chairs I scored off of Kijiji.ca for $40 for the pair \o/

The table was another Kijiji.ca find.  It makes a great place to eat breakfast in the mornings while looking out the window at the garden or to do homework.

My gateway leg table.  It folds down into buffet sized table when not in use.  The chairs were handmade by my Uncle John on my grandfather’s side.

And lo!  The Great Move began!

A daddy photobomb! tee hee

Man, it was tough getting the couch into the sunroom.  Dad is notorious for being all gun-ho sometimes.  I had to keep reminding him, all the way until the couch was in place to communicate what he wanted me to do in order to help him move the couch.  What really happened was a serious of grunts, some short barked orders and all the frustration on my father’s part because I didn’t spontaneously develop ESP and read what he wanted me to do… O_o  But really, I paint a bleak picture of my father sometimes, but he’s a great help.  It’s just funny to me, that he does this…

All the extra furniture that didn’t have a home after the move went downstairs to await the living room’s finish.

It’s actually very, very cozy as a living room back here in the sunroom but if I did that, the “Formal Living room” would stand mostly empty, because what do I need a formal living room for.  Better that the sunroom becomes a library than a TV room.  But I would like to eventually have a daybed for a chaise in the sunroom for extra sleeping and lounge space for reading. 

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Once upon a time, there was a bare and lonely wall…

That longed for a bit of decoration.  It languished for months—five, to be exact.

Then, the awesome house owner, Erin, found the perfect bare wall decoration for a good price (a $1.50 each :O) and a plan was formed.   

Six cute tea cup prints from Michael’s. 

Add one salvaged door lintel that was refinished by dad

Lay out the placement using handy templates.  (how-to here @ Younghouselove).  Measure the bejeezus out of the wall and adjust templates to new placements.  

And Volia!  The green cup print is a little wonky because I used a smaller picture hanger than the others and haven’t got around to fixing it yet.  The drift wood was found in the garden along with the little pine cones.  Even the flowers came from my garden.  The tulip is a lovely peach color.  

I have one more door lintel to hang…somewhere.  Most likely place is in my bedroom.  They make surprisingly good shelves.  This makes it feel very homey and me now.  The ‘dinning room’ is located off the kitchen on the way towards the bedrooms and just before you hit the sunroom so there’s no natural light except what comes from the sunroom.  Normally that doesn’t matter as I don’t really sit here to eat (by myself).  When my parents come over for dinner I usually move the table out into the sunroom so we can view the back garden from the large picture window there.  

I also got around to finishing the back stairwell to the basement.  

Haha, this is the only picture I have of the before stairwell.  I guess it was too ugly to do more than that.  As you turn the corner there was pegboard that ran the length of the wall and above that there was a shelf that housed cleaning products.  The pegboard was where they hung their pots and whatever else they put there.  There was also a ledge for the green bin that put it about hip height.  It was very handily placed but not very nice to look at.  It was this tired, near-puke color that I’m betting would be the same color that was there since the house was built.  

After repairing, priming and painting I was left with a happy pale yellow color (I don’t remember the name at the moment, but if you need to know msg me).  It’s very light in the stairwell now even though there is no natural light (at the moment).  The plan is to get a door with a window such as one like this from Metro Windows and Doors:

(minus the side bits)

And to pretty up the walls to the basement I wanted to make a wall of photos.  I traced out my frames and played around with placement until I arrived at this.

I want to add to the layout as I have time and money.  Eventually I want the whole wall covered in pictures.    

I printed out a lot of my China and San Francisco pictures.  I like walking down and being able to glance at my travels.  

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