Table cost breakdown:

Lumber: Five 1x3x8 @ $0.99 ;Five 2x2x8 @ $1.79 ;plus one more 2x2 because dad rushed me @ $1.79
Sandpaper - 150 grit, 5 sheets: $0.99 each
Screws: on hand
Nails:  on hand
Powertools:  electric Drill, and table saw, hammer, and screw driver; on hand
Wood Stain: $24 (on sale at Kent Building Centre)
Paint Brushes: on hand
Wood filler: $7.58 

Total cost to build table: $51.98 (includes taxes)

Pretty good deal I’m thinking.  My parents and I tried to figure out how much this table would cost if bought in a store and we couldn’t agree.  What do you think it’d cost to buy new?

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