Table finished

Well, here it is, my table is finished!  I even dressed the table as if I’m about to serve dinner.  Those green chairs that I used for my first post (here) don’t look so hot now next to such a happy color.  

My blue plates and wine glasses look surprisingly good on the turquoise.  I really want to find some yellow bistro chairs like those below, but I couldn’t find any.  I checked Superstore, Canadian Tire, Home Outfitters, and Bed, Bath and Beyond and then gave up for now.  I suspect that most bistro chairs are sold in sets with a table.  So, I guess I’ll be searching the internet for a shop.

ETA: I forgot to mention that the soundtrack for this paint job was ABBA’s greatest hits that I also gifted myself for my b-day (today, now 34 >_<) from itunes.  I may or may not have been singing along, out loud, while having my earbuds in e_e

Cost breakdown

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