I bought some stain for the table I built and can’t wait for the weekend to get started.  I need to sand and fill the holes with wood filler, then I can stain.  I went into Kent and picked out a color really fast!  I was like, ‘this one!!’.  And then I got it into my head to practice my interviewing skills (what skills??) and was asking the paint girl if the cans ever explode while it’s shaking in the machine-thingy amongst other things.

But before heading to Kent to get stain, I stopped at Micheals to get mini cupcake pans and paper cups.  My plan is to have mini cupcakes and maybe one other thing as my contribution to my open house pot luck that’s coming up.  And maybe cake….  I do like to bake…  well, I have two cake recipes I want to try, and one of those for sure I want to make into mini cupcakes.  It should be awesome!

BTW No TKD tonight.  Too sore!!    

Click here to see the finished product~!!

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